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Foundation Dampproofing in Ottawa to Seal Cracks and Prevent Moulds

Foundation dampproofing is a process of applying tar or asphalt-based mixture on the outer layer of a building’s foundation walls. The motive of this process is to prevent water from seeping through the walls and entering your beautifully decorated interior walls. Dampproofing  coupled with foundation waterproofing can keep your home strong and beautiful for a long time, saving you massive maintenance costs.



What are the Different Types of Dampproofing?

At Membranix Coating Inc, we offer a wide variety of dampproofing services, so you don’t have to live in a dangerous environment with cracked walls. Here are a few quick fixes we offer for dampproofing in Ottawa:


Traditional Dampproofing

Spray-applied dampproofing (tar) is the traditional method of protecting a foundation wall for both poured concrete and block masonry constructions that are approximately 10 ml thick.


Traditional dampproofing helps to stop water vapour from passing through a foundation wall into the basement area.


It is highly recommended when using this traditional method of dampproofing to install a drainage layer. Delta MS air gap drainage layer helps eliminate leaks and deters hydrostatic pressure.


Drainage Layer

Delta MS is a high density polyethylene air gap membrane, in new construction it is typically used on the exterior of the foundation wall going down to the footing to protect your basement from hydrostatic pressure and deter water entry.


Delta FL

Delta FL is a high density polyethylene sheet membrane with a dimpled surface, installing it with the dimples down to create an air space above or below the slab. Once the Delta FL is on the entire floor the plywood is then installed, fastened and secure to ensure soundness before installing your finish flooring: carpet, tile, hardwood, etc.


Delta FL is recommended for both new construction as well as retrofits. The Delta FL eliminate the cold damp feeling in your basement area, in exchange allows you to utilize you basement as additional, comfortable living space.


Living in the Ottawa area? Trust our dampproofing experts at Membranix Coatings for your next project! Call us today.



Benefits of Dampproofing

Damp walls not only look bad but bring along multiple other issues, such as the following:




A damp and humid atmosphere in your house can lead to mould formation that would turn your place into a smelly and musty place. Dampproofing your house doesn’t cost you much but gets rid of the dank ambience of your house.




Needless to say, seepage and damp walls are not at all aesthetic to look. Contact Membranix Coating Inc. now and get back your beautiful walls again.




Damp is a pertinent feature and, if not treated properly, can cause potential damage to your property. You can enhance the lifespan of your house by dampproofing it.


Health issues


Damp can contribute to health issues related to breathing as the mildew and mould growth can affect respiratory health. So, it is advisable to dampproof your house and keep health problems at bay.




Signs You Might Need Dampproofing


Wall stains


Wall stains are one of the most obvious signs of dampness and seepage at your place. You can see this everywhere along your wall and floor. This happens when the water from the ground has evaporated. Hence if you see wall stains, it’s time to dampproof the walls.


Crumbling skirting board


Skirt boards are usually the first to get affected by a damp build-up at your home as they are close to the ground. As the dampness increases, the wood gets soft and decayed. Long term exposure to dampness may cause serious damage to your skirt bard. So, if you see a crumbling skirt board, take dampproofing seriously.


Peeling wallpapers


If you find wallpapers peeling off your wall at some places, it might be that you are facing a damp issue at your place. The moisture in the wall reactivates the glue causing the wallpaper to lose its grip; hence you should consider dampproofing.


Mould attack


Mould is one of the first signs that spring up at your place when you have a damp or seepage problem. Often moulds go away, but if this problem keeps recurring, it's probably the damp build-up in your walls.



Living in the Ottawa area? Trust our dampproofing experts at Membranix Coatings for your next project! Call us today.

Professional Dampproofing Services

Facing mould issues because of damp build-up? We are here to help.

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